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Wake up..what time is it? My son needs to shower, brush your teeth! Why haven’t you brushed for longer than two minutes? Its so easy to remember we do this every morning. Make up get it on, clothing….. where are my clothes?  Not all the sensible clothes but the ones I want to wear but never have ready when I need it. A mess, my unorganized chaos for which only I stand by. I know I’m disorganized but I don’t care and don’t you dare tell me I am for which I will then deny it. Food, you all need to eat. Coffee needs to be made. So many things that need to be done, what to do first? Appointments need to be made, clothes need to be washed and I should really clean the dog. When am I going to paint the living room? He still hasn’t checked the oil. What if the car breaks down? What if the tire pops? Oh, right! Here and now…Brush teeth and make sure kids are ready.

Ah AJ looks ready, I suppose. Can concentrate  since I don’t even know if i’m ready. I can find anything. I know I had my debit card when I was shopping two days ago but where is it now. Did I leave my keys on the key rack? Chaos, uncertainty and frustration all the overwhelming feelings that take over my morning and I haven’t even left for the day.

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