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The Unexpected Teaching’s of ParentHood

Being a parent is probably the hardest but most rewarding, life changing job you will ever have. When I became pregnant at 18, I never could have imagined the spin my life was about to take. I wasn’t necessarily sure it was for the better either, not at the time anyways. All my life the only thing that mattered to me, was me; a selfish existence I must admit but none the less it’s true. Once I had my oldest, It still didn’t completely hit me that I was in charge of this little person’s life! Me!! I wish I could give you this amazing story of motherhood that just came to me in a blink of an eye but that would be a bold face lie. I was completely and utterly clueless. To be honest I had no business having a baby so young, especially since I wasn’t ready but at the time I was 18 and “knew it all”.
Twelve years have passed since Christopher my oldest son was born and since then I have had another son named A.J, who is now 10 years old. So much has changed since then and it has been the craziest journey for me and them. You think that you will teach your children all that you know and guide them through life but that’s not always the case. Children will teach you more then you could have ever taught them. Children teach you to be humble, enjoy the small things, laugh at yourself, not to take life so seriously and to appreciate everything. Some may call it naive but the purity and the untainted, unconditional love that my children have for complete strangers blows my mind.

As young mother’s we are expected to know it all, to automatically have this Ora of perfection but not every mother does. There is so much judgement out there, criticism, anger and hate that we put these standards on ourselves to be perfect in an un-perfect world. Taking care of your mind, body and soul begins with realizing your imperfections and working on making a better you. It wont happen over night but every little bit counts.

Mother hood is a journey for the soul that can only be explained when you give your life to someone who needs you and in actuality learning that it is you, that needed them the entire time. My boys gave me courage, strength and ambition; traits that I didn’t have before they existed. Traits that I admire and see in them everyday and as we continue on this journey called a family we will cherish all that we have experienced. I still don’t know it all but I’m a way better mother than when I started. I had to break down everything that I thought a mother should be and build from the bottom to what a REAL mother is.

Enjoy the journey, who knows how long it will last~

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