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To be Hungry or Not to be

You ever hit a point in life where you realize a serious change needs to be made? I imagine at some point everyone does but do you have what it takes to make the change? I sure didn’t, not at the time anyway. I have always been what you would call the chunky kid, the thick girl, the fat chick so to speak, in the group but never did I consider myself obese! Well if your hiding in the mountains of Pennsylvania with no thin friends in site its quite easy to reach the point of no return. I wish I could say that I ate because I was depressed or because of a medical condition such as my thyroid but to be honest I wasn’t any of those things. I’m actually the opposite, I eat when I’m happy and lose my appetite when I’m sad. Which sucks for me because I’m always happy!!

My moment of realization came to me in the form of embarrassment. It was in 2013, for my husband Alex and I’s Anniversary on a cruise ship. I’m not sure how many times I was told congratulations..It had become apparent to me that everyone thought I was pregnant. Imagine that…I was so embarrassed I didn’t have the will in me to tell them they were mistaken because then It would just mean that I’m fat.You see we live in a selfie era and to be honest that is an era that works perfectly for us thick chicks. All we have to do is get a good shot of our face and everything else Is irrelevant. There was so hiding it that week though, there were pictures, videos and tons of comments from waitresses to guests; by the time we docked I was almost due!

As  I looked at all the pictures I realized I was in fact the fat friend. The one that has a cute face and great personality but nothing more. What happened to me? When did I become this person? I had pains in my knees, frequent Asthma attacks, exhaustion, shortness of breath and a hunger that was never satisfied. As I ate one meal, I was already thinking about the next meal, wonder what I will eat tomorrow? Well no wonder I was as large as a whale, I never did my research, I never cared until it was too late, 300 lbs too late.

That my friends was my wake up call. I knew that my husband loved me no matter what size I was but I didn’t love me. Not just look wise but health wise, I was a 28 year old woman that felt like she had the body of an 80 year old. I didn’t feel physically, the way I felt mentally. Inside I was this outgoing, motivational go getter, on the outside I was this lazy, overweight woman that had settled.

So the journey begins, it has been 5 years since that cruise and I am down to 210. I go with small goals so not to overwhelm myself. As my husband always says it took me years to get this way, I wont loose it all in one night! There is no magical pill (trust me I’ve looked), only diet and exercise. To be honest though Diet isn’t even the right word, because eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a trend. Consistency is key my friends. Treat your body right, you only get one!

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