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Holding it all together through the pitfalls,

Breathing in and out as you concentrate on the sounds of the world around you

Fear and sadness, an old friend that has taken up residence

The over exaggerated smiles and laughter filling up the room for all to witness

Masquerading the truth from all that can see and hear

Stay, leave, Stay, leave

A dangerous game that begs a decision

An undeniable ultimatum that craves a choice

Plastering a smile on a sad face, carries its weight with time,

They whisper and nod as you walk by,

You talk of a life that doesn’t exist, to hide the one that does

You bow your head down in privacy and hold yourself tight

There is no comfort to reach for

No friends

No family

Just you, him and the gut wrenching reality.

Drink, smoke and bury it all

Hide behind a mask of perfection while everything around bleeds to grey

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